Humboldt Off-Campus Housing Office

The Off-Campus Housing Office is there to help you navigate the local housing market - from current listings, roommate finders, strategies to make a good impression on landlords, to mediation information on landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities.

Make an appointment with the Off-Campus Housing Coordinator.

Temporary Transitional Housing Program

The Campus Assistance, Response, and Engagement (CARE) Office facilitates the Temporary Transitional Housing program. In this program students who are unable to find permanent housing, or abruptly lose their housing are sometimes able to be housed temporarily on campus. This program is subject to availability.

For more information email dos@humboldt.edu, or click this link to do a self - referral form for CARE Services and indicate that you need assistance with housing. 

Humboldt Housing and Residence Life

There is a wide variety of on-campus housing options to suit your needs: apartments, suites, or traditional residence halls. Each comes with a list of amenities, facilities, and other features to make your life a little easier. You can even live alongside students who share common interests in one of our Theme Housing options.

Click the link above to find out more about the different options, their costs, and all of the things that make living on campus a unique experience.

Humboldt Tenant Landlord Collaboration

The Humboldt Tenant Landlord Collaboration (HTLC) is an educational program designed to promote best practices for tenants and landlords throughout the Humboldt community.
The 10-module certification program will help students, renters, and property owners build positive and equitable relationships. Individuals who complete the program will earn HTLC’s “Good Neighbor” certificate, showing their commitment to improving community relations across Humboldt County.

Link to take the course!

Established by a collaboration between Humboldt’s Basic Needs team and key community partners, HTLC works to find local solutions to the challenging statewide housing climate. From mold and pest prevention to renting with emotional support animals, we educate tenants and landlords on how to maintain rental properties for everyone’s best interest.

Our 10-module certification program is designed to improve the climate for both property owners and renters. Throughout this course, participants will examine the issue of housing through an equitable lens.

Modules include:

Community Resources
Equity and Inclusion
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Privacy and Data Protection
Service/Emotional Support Animals
Community Resources
Trash, Recycling, and Donation Practices
Participants Can Expect To:

Develop a shared understanding of terms and definitions
Watch videos about community members’ experiences with housing
Read about landlord and tenant perspectives
Build skills and knowledge through interactive exercises
A town-and-gown collaboration, HTLC bridges Humboldt to the greater community and humanizes the rental market through education.

Humboldt County “Places To Live” Search

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